Find your way through

Find partners, professionals, products and service providers that best serve your needs in the main trade and professional event within the Greek Solar Shading and Energy Management market and industry.

Interact – Plan – Organize

Sun&Shadow is designed to serve as the main communications platform and the meeting point of professionals, companies, investors and the public of Building Systems and Automations, Passive House, Shading and Protection and Renewable Energy Sources.

Within the expo halls and different booths of products, companies, expo events and points of interest, exhibitors and visitors of Sun&Shadow 2012 get to know, interact and cooperate.

They can exchange ideas and plan future projects, activities and possibilities towards growth, successful and effective solutions and applications, energy saving and management.

Find your way through Partners and Products

Face to face communocation and interaction, real life application and experience of the products and of the people who work with you, provide the competitive advantage of forming personal ideas, estimations and views on things rather than being based on formal mediated ways of interaction.

Sun&Shadow 2012 creates the most suitable commonplace for professionals and public to come together and find the common ways of interaction and netowrking eeficintly, creating thus a solid net of field experts.

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