Technical Seminars

Key Practice – Step By Step Application

What is for

Sun&Shadow – Technical Seminars are technical presentations, open to the public, that are designed to provide solid information and hands-on practical knowledge of products and services, aiming to create an overview of the exhibits and the available market products that are represented within the fair.

Who is it for

Sun&Shadow and the exhibitors of the trade fair are working together in the Technical Seminars- feature platform.

Giving space to all exhibitng companies to present their products, their services and provide detailed information on the practice and applications, Technical Seminars are a key event that opens up the dialogue between companies and visitors.

How it works

Within the trade fair room, in an exclusively located and fully equiped space, Sun&Shadow Technical Seminars are easily accessible and open to all visitors and exhibitors of the fair.

With a work flow of 45 minute-pesentations, Technical Seminars provide a solid, fast-tempo line of events and change the static and closed up communication between exhibitors and visitors. Technical Seminars are open to everyone within the trade fair so as to promote the non-stop flow of visitors, information, and networking processes.

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