Sun&Shadow is the main trade event for professionals and the public that are interested and active in solar shading, sustainable building, development, renewable energy and the overall market that is developing around the sector. Managing one of the most vibrant and active platforms for professionals and companies that produce, trade and manage products and services for green buildings and sustainable industry.


In the core of Sun&Shadow activities and platform, are the principles of Solar Shading – Protection – Energy Management. Through the Expo, the scientific Conference and the Technical Seminars, the products, the services, the business actors and the market come together and have a common place of exchange, cooperation and interaction.

Being part of the Sun&Shadow platform of professional and sustainable developent utilizes the main key factors, communication and networking tools available in order to create a solid competitive local market and industry that provides with the solutions and promotes its products and dynamic within and in other markets as well.


Sun&Shadow exhibitors :

  • address a highly informed and up-to-date public
  • create new business contacts and strengthen the existing network
  • promote and create market trends and turns around the common Sun&Shadow Platform
  • present their products and services to potential coworkers and competitors
  • have a strong and clear position among the professionals of the wide business field


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